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Framework & IDE

Serverless Architecture

Adapptio framework takes care of all buildings blocks and handles all interactions between them. You, as a developer, have to implement only application-specific features. No boilerplate code anymore.

  • Built-in web server & SSR
  • Scalable and stateless architecture
  • Cloud-ready

Cloud-based IDE

Adapptio editor provides all-in-one development experience including debugging tools. Collaborative environment, live data preview and one-click deployment are productivity boosters for your development process.

  • Runs in the browser
  • Code & visual editing
  • Live data preview

Connect to any API or database with built-in integrations

Built-in integrations provides a bi-directional connection to various data sources.

  • Make API requests and SQL queries
  • Upload and download files
  • Use SSH tunneling to access private networks


  • HTTP / REST Client
  • GraphQL
  • gRPC


  • MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL and more
  • MongoDB, InfluxDB
  • Firestore, InMemory DB

Files & Others

  • AWS S3, Static files
  • PDF Generation service

Write and debug back-end logic with actions

Actions are cloud functions that provide a layer between data, UI and API endpoints.

  • Transform data & write back-end logic with JavaScript
  • Schedule background execution
  • Debug with testing tools


  • Integration calls
  • JavaScript functions
  • Error handling


  • Action parameters
  • Validation schemas
  • Parameter testing


  • Authentication
  • Authorization
  • Session management

Design fully dynamic and reactive front-end

Develop application UI with real data and zero-compilation live preview.

  • Write reactive functional expressions
  • Compose visually and create responsive layouts
  • See immediate results and debug with zero-compilation live-preview

30+ Built-in Components

  • Layout and content
  • Forms and interactive controls
  • Logic and loops

Data Management

  • Reactive expressions
  • Dynamic data-binding
  • State variables


  • Full URL routing
  • Event handling
  • Built-in toast & dialogs

Extend with custom components and CSS

Develop custom functionalities and give unique touch to your applications.

  • Implement custom components with HTML and JavaScript
  • Handle component lifecycle & emit events
  • Design fully with custom CSS

Custom Design

  • Define HTML Template
  • Write custom CSS
  • Add external libraries and modules


  • Write mount & dismount functions
  • Manage component state
  • Access DOM elements


  • Receive props
  • Export public methods
  • Emit events

Expose API endpoints for 3rd party services

Handle incoming HTTP requests and compose HTTP responses.

  • Implement webhooks and OAuth callbacks
  • Create interfaces for external systems
  • Generate dynamic file downloads

HTTP Request

  • Map to URL with parameters
  • Parse body automatically or manually
  • Handle HTTP headers

HTTP Response

  • Set status code
  • Define HTTP headers
  • Format response body

Logic Flow

  • Call Actions
  • Transform data
  • Add branching logic

Authenticate with Adapptio or any other service

Use built-in authentication against Adapptio Cloud or setup your own authentication flow.

  • Get full user management for free with Adapptio Cloud accounts
  • Authenticate agains your own back-end or 3rd party service
  • Implement custom OAuth client, OAuth provider or SSO

Adapptio Accounts

  • Log in with email or Google Account
  • Built-in sign-up and password recovery
  • User management interface

Custom Auth Flow

  • Define login process
  • Implement account getter
  • Handle callbacks

Session Management

  • Built-in session store
  • Set session meta-data
  • Customize expiration

Deploy to Adapptio Cloud or your own servers

Fully automated DevOps to Adapptio Cloud or own infrastructure.

  • Deploy to Adapptio Cloud with a single click
  • Self-host using Docker containers
  • Automate deployment to your own Kubernetes


  • Multiple deployments (dev, prod, staging, etc.)
  • Custom environment variables
  • Secret management


  • One-click deployment
  • Application monitoring
  • Log management


  • Docker containers
  • Artifactory server
  • GitOps enabled
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