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Powerful cloud platform and editor for software developers to build web applications in record time.

Drag and drop the boring stuff,
code the real deal.

Automate repeating tasks, code what matters.

How to create app in 5 minutes

Get the full power of visual editing with Adapptio IDE

Adapptio allows you to connect data in a few clicks and create rich and complex user experiences using drag-n-drop. Including advanced layouts and routing.

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    Advanced Layouts
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    URL Routing
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    Drag & Drop
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    Responsive Editing
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    Flow Editor
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    State Management

Meet your customer's expectations

Iterate faster thanks to a live data preview. Share your progress with customers and get instant feedback to eliminate unnecessary misunderstandings.

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    Live Preview
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    Closer Feedback Loop
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    Faster iterations
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    Less Misunderstandings
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    Better Schedules
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    Less Overtime
Illustration of the developer-customer feedback loop.
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Modern look & feel.
Design system included.

Modern design with great UX is a part of all apps so you can start developing usable products straight away. Or you can bring in your own design.

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    Design System
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    Custom styling
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    Modern UI
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Secure, scalable and cloud ready by default

Built-in authentication and API proxy make your apps secure from the beginning. Applications are stateless, resilient to restarts and can run in multiple instances.

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    Adapptio SSO
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    User Management
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    Secure Back-end
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    Authorization Logic
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    Stateless Architecture
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Illustration of security and scalability.
Illustration of Adapptio Cloud and on-premise deployment.

DevOps automated with Adapptio Cloud

Deploy your apps to Adapptio Cloud and let us take care of the infrastructure, security, monitoring and scaling. Or deploy the apps to your own server using Docker image.

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    Cloud Hosting
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    High Availability
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Develop for FREE, pay for the results

Entire development process is free. You start paying when you release your application to the production.

Save 2 months with annual payment.



Small and hobby apps

25 € / month

When paid annually

  • Up to 30 pages
  • Up to 20 concurrent users*
  • Cloud hosting
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 1 CPU
  • 100 MB for static assets


Medium business apps

75 € / month

When paid annually

  • Up to 100 pages
  • Up to 250 concurrent users*
  • Cloud hosting
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 2 CPU
  • 500 MB for static assets


Based on your needs


  • Unlimited pages
  • Scalable infrastructure
  • Cloud & on-premise
  • Flexible RAM
  • Flexible CPU
  • Flexible storage

* Number of concurrent users is estimated based on the allocated resources. Real number depends on your application complexity.

Illustration of support and community.

About Us

Our mission is to help software developers to deliver better software in less time.

Our company is based in the heart of Europe, in the city of Prague. Our team has been working together since 2019.

Adapptio is made by developers for developers.

We have deep knowledge and experience in web application development, data-driven user interfaces and cloud technologies.

Photo of Jiří Hýbek
Jiří Hýbek
CEO, founder
Photo of Jan Pokorný
Jan Pokorný
CTO, founder

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